Friday, July 28, 2006

Postsecret amazes me sometimes

Some are mundane. Some are amusing. Some are shocking. Some are sad.

Some hit home.

(ok, so its not a huge terrific secret, but still!)

Goodbye Clark

So I've moved out of my Clark apartment. I lived there longer than any other place since I graduated high school in '99 (13 months!).

I'm already feeling a little sentimental about it, and I haven't even turned in my keys yet. Heck, when I was still (ok, starting to) pack last Thursday, I had a semi-irrational breakdown and started crying staying into the abyss of my overstuffed closet. Despite the perpetual traffic on the GSP, and the demon dogs next door, I had such a positive year there, my first really good year in a long time.

And then there's my roommate, or former roommate I guess. Once I move out of my interim housing (aka, mom's) and into my studio in PA, who am I going to talk to when I get home? I'm certainly going to miss going into his room when I get home from [wherever I got sweaty] and plopping down on Greg's bed to chat and being almost instantly shooed from the (supposedly) clean sheets to the carpet : )

I know there's good things to come...the new experiences of living IN a in a NEW city...grad school, and the eventual new career...but for now, lets say goodbye to Clark, where the past finally became the past and I started living for today again.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Moving sucks. a lot.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm a pussy

It was near 100 degrees here in the Metro NY area the last couple of days, and we've been over 85 for longer. Its also insanely humid, like Houston humid. I walked out on my parents' porch last night, and with the addition of the chlorine smell from the hot tub my dad had openned to put, well, chlorine in, it literally felt like an indoor sauna. With a breeze.

Especially since I spent about 5 years in eastern Texas, I realize that I'm whining. For 75% of the summer the highs here are in the 80s (pretty much always humid though). I have AC in my bedroom and living room and car (sadly, the two rows around my cube at work have very lacking ac compared to the rest of the building, but its not like outside).

When I was at A&M, we played rugby in September, when its sometimes hotter than August. I remember one year it was over 105 for a week. The AC in my 40+ year old dorm broke. People were sleeping in the quad. (They renovated the following summer.) There was even 7s in July, and a 102 degree ocean breeze just doesn't do much. But this is my third summer back north. 75+ is considered uncomfortably hot for rugby here. I now think 80 is a bit too hot to go running and much prefer to sit in the AC. I'm such a pussy.

Friday, July 14, 2006


I just discovered the Yahoo Avitar!

Yahoo! Avatars
How fun is this? Now I can change where I am, what I want to be wearing, and my haircut and color as often as I like....all within the confines of Yahoo's graphics at least...


Yesterday morning I was driving to work in my mom's Jeep (I borrowed it to get some big things to her house from my almost-former apartment) and, since I normally drive a small Acura RSX, I was enjoying the extra road-view provided by the lifted SUV. I like watching my fellow commuters while stuck in traffic. Since I leave approximately the same time every morning, I often see the same cars when the traffic is bad. (Actually, they're probably almost always on the road with me, but I only notice when in first gear for 55 minutes). There's the slightly balding guy in the convertible BMW who shaves around the Union tolls. And the hot purple Jeep Wrangler with the rainbow sticker, driven by a remarkably corporate looking lady. There's more I can't think of at the moment, but would recognize (the cars) if I saw them.

I didn't see any of my regulars on this commute, but I did see one gentleman READING THE PAPER. Now I'm not talking skimming directions, checking a text, peering at your teeth in the rearview...this guy had the morning paper fully opened on his lap. The other sections were in the passenger seat, awaiting the rest of the drive. Granted, traffic was moving at about 5 mph, but come on! We were in traffic waiting to pass accidents at the 280 on ramp and an overturned vehicle at the Essex tolls! Was he TRYING to be major accident #3 of the morning? arggh.

On a different note, I also noticed that there's hardly any American cars on the road around here. I was in a Jeep, and saw a few, and a couple of random Fords and Chryslers, but the vast majority of the cars were foreign. I love my little Acura...but this kind of startled me. I also remembered that when I lived in Peoria, IL, there not only wasn't an Acura dealer, I had one of 3 foreign cars in the entire parking lot at my plant. Perhaps the Heartland is more patriotic. Or the coasts just have better taste in cars ; )

Friday, July 07, 2006

girly men

This could be the funniest thing I've seen all week.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Write ESPN (see blurb here) and request WRC Coverage!! The women are ranked 6th worldwide and have a real shot at winning later this summer!

I did a head count on the roster (both Eagles and Eagles A) and there's 2 women from D2 teams (Braymer, Albany and McDonald, Hartford) which I think is awesome for D2. 3/5 of the roster (much higher for the WRC side) is from the Top 4 teams (NYRC, ATL, Berkley and MN Valks) which I guess is to be expected. I've been following this a little obsessively through Blondie's Blog (which is awesome and I have no idea how she compiles all the rugby news so efficiently) and I hope I will still have time to do so as the world cup will be played in my first few weeks of grad school!!