Friday, January 05, 2007

I made another pie

Its also pretty. Lattice work. Though not as pretty as the one I made for Clifton Christmas a couple of weeks ago. I cheated this time and made the lattice strips fat...mostly because I was starving and needed to get it into the oven (what a lame excuse). But its for work people tonight anyway, so I guess as long as it tastes good, noone will mind. Here's my best-pie-to-date (from the CC event):
Amazing and captivating, I know.
Maybe despite my recent success in graduate school I should consider opening a bakery.
Or not. I can't see myself getting up at 4 am for work, at least not on a regular basis.


Em said...

Ah, that looks deeeelicious. A site you might like is the picturing_food group on livejournal. Nothing but pictures of food, all day long.

Katy said...

that's flipping amazing. when do you go to africa?

Emily said...

hahahah the last thing I need is all food, all day long.

but I am making a baked ziti as I type (the pasta is boiling now).

Africa's in July...I should look up the local staples!